The Tora Series




The Ghost - Tora in Scotland 

First Book

14-year-old Tora is visiting her father at a smal! rocky island in Scotland, where he's digging for oId skeletons. She's afraid she might get bored, but as soon as she sets foot on the island, things start happening at a tremendous speed.

Tora gets a smal! horse with no name, and the knight with no head stalks her across the moor. Tora and Roy, who is a pupil at the loca! boarding school, become best friends with Mary, the ghost. Robbers kidnap Tora's father.

The vacation becomes a lot more exciting than Tora had ever expected. Too exciting at times.

Children's Book, Høst & Søn  -  270 pages Ages 12+

Charlotte Blay at a haunted castle

Here is the island where it all happens:

Canada.gif (5269 bytes) Newfoundland


The Skraelling - Tora in Vineland Second Book

When Tora wakes up, there is a Skraelling lying in bed beside her - a Native American boy who says he was the prisoner of the Vikings a 1000 years ago. Which is to say, he is a ghost.

With the Skraelling's help, Tora finds the famous battleaxe Skull-cleaver for her archaeologist father, who is participating in a dig at a Viking settlement in Newfoundland. But it does not happen without drama. Many mysterious things take place.

Together with a pair of twins her age and their dog, Tora experiences nail-biting adventure and tender love.

Egil Ormstunge´s real name is Carl, when he is not dressed up as a viking and trying
to cheat me in a trade.

One of the dwellings made of turf, which is rebuild at L´ Ánce aux Meadows, where Leif Eriksson landed over 1000 years ago

My husband Jorgen and I in one of the viking houses at Norsesite.

Here I am taking a rest in the bed,
where Tora woke up to find the skraelling

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The Huldre People
Tora in Iceland 

Third Book

Tora is in Iceland. She is trying to escape an earthquake when a white haired boy suddenly appears to help her. But Fjeldalf is no ordinary boy: He is a huldre, a guardian of nature and invisible to most humans. Tora and her brother Gorm are having the best holiday ever with horses, scary Viking tales and a hunt for the phantom's hidden treasure.