Fabians Field Diary



Fabians Field Diary
- a report from the Himalayas

Fabian tells how he escaped death in the mountains and his friendship with the nomads - especially the girl Gulnaz with the 13 braids.
It's about love and fear of death. About the abominable snowman. And for the courage to seek out the snow leopard.

"What was it that scraped? I woke up to a sound. Something scrawled in the snow and small chunks sprinkled down on me. The daylight seeping through the crack up there told me that it a new day had started . I could barely see a shadow against the blue sky. A shadow that sniffed into the crack and scraped the snow.
The fear grew in me, and I wanted to scream, but my vocal cords were paralyzed. I laid stiff as a frozen lamb roast and stared at the sharp claws that dug and dug. The abominable snowman?"

This book is based on my own travel to the Himalayas i Kyrgyzstan in 2009, where I went to find the snow leopard