The Drums Are Talking

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The Drums are talking,

"The news went from drum to drum: King Ya Na of Yendi is dead! Killed! Head cut off and stolen!"

Not quite so dramatic is Grandma Biba's death, even though she was accused of being a witch. But for Amina, it is a catastrophe on the scale of the king's murder. Who is going to take care of her?

Who is going to pay for her school and what will happen with the love of her life, the warrior Sulemani? Especially now she has met Abraham Hansen, the progeny of the slave princess Tint Tam and the Danish slave trader Frederik Hansen ...

Charlotte Blay met Amina for the first time in 1994 and again in 2005 in Ghana

Amina 8 years old Amina 18 years old. She goes to High School and wants to become a nurse.